Setting up a Wifi network can seem easy, but there are some difficulties you need to consider before buying gear and getting to work...
1. Where is your location and how much interference can you expect? That depends on your neighbors and all the RF signals flying around.
2. What clients/users will your network have? Are you PC or Mac, or both? What about mobile devices and tablets and such? How many of all those items? The type and number of devices is an important sizing consideration.
3. What does the physical layout of the space look like? Things like walls, electrical and other barriers can cause signal issues.
4. Do you have enough bandwidth? This can be very subjective but with the arrival of cloud services and constant media content, bandwidth is gone fast!
Avoid spending more money than you have to by doing it right the first time. Give us a call to help you with these topics and ask us any questions you may have. Send us an email at


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